Big plans for this year's BOLDtalks Woman 2014


All efforts are now on the preparations of the much awaited 2nd annual BOLDtalks Woman 2014.

Following the incredible success of last year's launch of BOLDtalks Woman, we are very excited to roll our second edition of this powerful gathering of some of the world's most amazing women.

Stay tuned, as we announce this year’s featured talks, and make sure to like us on our facebook page, so we can keep you posted with the programme development. 

Here are just some commentaries we've got from last year's BOLDtalks Woman:


 A truly soul-stirring event.. Loved, Loved, Loved...Hope to see more of BOLDtalks!!!!!!!

Thank you for the phenomenal day:) Honestly, can't remember when was the last time I've heard so many incredible stories at one place. Congratulations on the organization, I hope the next event will be very soon:)

Hats off to BOLDtalks for organizing such a great event. It was very inspiring to meet and hear other women's stories and efforts to make a difference in other people's lives. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every story, they made me cry, smile and gave me goose bumps. Looking forward to their next event!

Some people choose bieber, brunch or beach for their weekend. I was@ BOLDtalks women. back with the most eye opening powerful messages from a special selection of unique ladies. A mental spa. The most empowering inspiring event of 2013, congrats for giving this to our community. Music by Indiva fusion and violin by Nadine.

A big Thank You to BOLDtalks team for organizing such an awesome event, BOLDtalks/Women. It was so inspiring to meet women who are trying to change a tradition or perception through their amazing work.

BOLDtalks Woman 2013 -- made this Saturday one of the bests this year! Meeting Cath Turner and know about her story and listened to Nadine Artuhanava and her beautiful music as well as the other remarkable women speakers and artist that left us glued in our seats, fully emphasized women empowerment.

Fantastic show!! Thoroughly enjoyed it and left the theatre feeling very inspired and blessed:) Keep up the great work.

Such an uplifting way to spend a Saturday in Dubai! Subject matter was so varied and delivered by some very gifted and talented women - thank you!.

Thank you for today, we learned & took away so much to cherish. More power to you.

Dubai needs more events like these. Well done ! Saturday well spent!

What a great way to spend a Saturday ... well done and thank you and so refreshing to have something like this in Dubai.

Thank you for organising a very stimulating, interesting and enjoyable day ! something different for Dubai. looking forward to the next one.

Amazing event, thank you very much!

Had an inspirational day at BOLDtalks Woman! Thank you BOLDtalks for organizing and thank you to ALL the speakers, truly eye-opening.

BOLDtalks was the right mix of social activism, inspiring storytellers and beautiful music. Love to see homegrown Dubai brands like this bringing change makers into our space to encourage and connect and grow our ethos. Well done!