Should the perpetrators of "honour killings" be forgiven?

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This question will be debated between Rana Husseini and Marina Cantacuzino, two advocates with opposing views, at the upcoming BOLDtalks Woman 2013.

Rana Husseini, an award-winning journalist, human rights activist and author of "Murder in the Name of Honour" - joins BOLDtalks Woman 2013 to present on her efforts in fighting the practices of 'honour killings', advocating stronger punishments for its perpetrators.

This talk will be followed by Marina Cantacuzino's talk on her effort of encouraging victims of different crimes to meet and forgive their perpetrators.

Both talks will be followed by a moderated panel discussion that will open a a debate on whether those that commit such crimes should be severely punished or forgiven.

As all BOLDtalks events are interactive, the attendees will also be able to join this debate, before drawing any conclusions.

BOLDtalks Woman 2013 is held on Saturday May 4th, at Madinat Theatre.