When Decca rejected The Beatles

the beatles autographs

Wouldn’t be interesting to host a talk on how the recording studio’s A&Rs choose who will be commercially successful or not worth giving a minute of their time?

I wonder how often do they get it right, or maybe – wrong!

In 1962 Decca’s A&R have rejected the Beatles, then unknown, on basis that the ‘guitar groups are on the way out’, only a year and a half later to realise that they’ve made the biggest mistake in musical history!

Interestingly, a year later, George Harrison felt sorry for Dick Rowe, head of Decca’s A&R, so he gave him a tip on an upcoming band the “Rolling Stones” that they’ve signed the same year.

This case makes one wonder just how many great-would-be-bands or artists never made it because of one individual’s misjudgment, while tons of commercially driven music and unoriginal bands dominate today’s music charts.

Interesting topic for discussion...