BOLDtalks 2018


24th March 2018


The Junction, Al Serkal Avenue, Al Qouz, Dubai

They might be unorthodox. Known to sometimes raise an eyebrow. Its theme often questioned.

But one thing for certain is that all our featured talks are thought provoking and are set to challenge the status quo.

From the story of the Grenfell Tower survivor, to the talk that questions everything we know about the history of the pyramids and their purposes - for the eighth year, BOLDtalks continues to gather a diversity of discussions by some of the world’s most fascinating people.

Join our programme this Saturday 24th March at 6pm in The Junction, Al Serkal Avenue, to take part in the featured talks and debates.

The event is ticketless, but limited to the first 200 to register.


  • BOLDtalks 2018

    Event Moderator

    Rouba Zeidan

    Rouba has spent more than two decades in communications focusing on diverse industries including art and culture, and special events.

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  • BOLDtalks 2018

    The Story of the Grenfell Tower

    Shahin Sadafi

    Grenfell Tower, in North Kensington (Inner London), is mainly a working-class housing complex surrounded by affluent neighbourhoods in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. A little past midnight on the day of 14th June 2017, a fire broke out on the fourth floor of this 24-storey tower, and ...

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  • BOLDtalks 2018

    True Purpose of Pyramids

    Dr. Sam Osmanagić

    Almost everything we know about the pyramids is wrong: purpose, age, builders, and locations.

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  • BOLDtalks 2018

    Tale of Chaker Khazaal: Refugee. Novelist. Humanitarian.

    Chaker Khazaal

    Chaker Khazaal — Palestinian-Canadian author and reporter — reflects on his life journey from a refugee camp in Beirut to a best selling author in New York. He shares tales of the refugee crisis as experienced at first hand, and from his reporting missions in conflict zones. Khazaal presents his ...

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  • BOLDtalks 2018

    Adapting to Social Change With Innovation

    Bryson W. Thornton

    Bryson W. Thornton, Director of External Affairs EEMA & Global Duty Free, Philip Morris International will discuss how one of the world’s leading tobacco companies is transforming to meet changing consumer demands in the tobacco industry through innovation, research, and cutting-edge science and ...

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  • BOLDtalks 2018

    Who Said Pans Can’t Sing

    Mohamed Al Sharkawi

    A brief encounter on the streets of Prague has altered the life course of a Dubai based IT professional.

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  • BOLDtalks 2018

    The Evolution of the Violin’s Sound

    Mohammad Kblawi

    For centuries, string instrument makers have labored in pursuit of a perfect sound.

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