BOLDtalks 2019


27th April 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Dubai Design District

An intimate and impactful gathering centered on story telling, this event brings together a roster of remarkable people from all over the world.

This year, we celebrate the 10th year of the BOLDtalks events by featuring some remarkable talks that will continue to thought-provoke you and challenge the status quo.

Join our programme this Saturday 27th April at 6pm, at One Life, in Dubai Design District, to be part of the talks and debate.

The event is ticketless, but limited to the first 200 to register.

CLICK HERE to register.


  • BOLDtalks 2019

    Good People in an Evil Time

    Dr. Svetlana Broz

    Dr. Svetlana Broz, cardiologist, author, filmmaker and lecturer, founder and Executive Director of NGO Gariwo, joins BOLDtalks to share her incredible story of – what started as a travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993 to offer help at least one human being devoid of normal medical care because ...

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  • BOLDtalks 2019

    Murder in the Name of Honour

    Rana Husseini

    Award-winning journalist and activist Rana Husseini will share her 25-year journey in fighting the brutal murders that are committed against women in the name of family honour in Jordan. Husseini will touch on the problem as she experienced it early on in her career and will then highlight the major ...

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  • BOLDtalks 2019

    Changing Education Paradigm

    Mohammed Rizkallah

    Education has reached a pivotal point where reform is necessary for two main reasons; first of all, education must transform to suit the ever-changing cultural and economic needs. Second, it is crucial to make the best use of students' time and interests. In order to make that reform possible, we ...

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  • BOLDtalks 2019

    Young Millennial Woman on a Mission; Defining Social Entrepreneurship

    Jazzmine Raine

    Who says you need a cushy office in a major corporation to change the world? Not Jazzmine Raine, a 26-year-old emboldened with a passion to make an impact by defining Social Entrepreneurship as the future of how to do business.

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  • BOLDtalks 2019

    Neighbourhood: Drawing Abu Dhabi and the Power of Reportage Illustration

    Catherine Donaldson

    Neighbourhood Abu Dhabi, is a record of almost a year spent drawing in Abu Dhabi city, and is the practical research for the final of a Masters degree in Illustration in the UK. ‘Neighbourhood’ can be defined as a place made through experience, and so Catherine set out to record places, which reflect ...

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  • BOLDtalks 2019

    Finding Tolerance

    Dr. Angela Maitner

    Humans are adept at noticing categorical differences between people, and tend to align themselves with others with whom they find common ground. Angela will discuss institutional support mechanisms and psychological processes and motives that allow people to develop acceptance and respect for different ...

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  • BOLDtalks 2019

    My Life Through the Sounds of a Guitar

    Alexey Strelnikov

    Alexey Strelnikov created a life for himself through his superb talent as a guitarist and an upcoming notable Dubai based musician.

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