BOLDtalks Innovation 2019

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16th November 2019


Dubai Knowledge Park Auditorium

BOLDtalks Innovation 2019 - organised in partnership with Airbus - continues to gather a diversity of discussions that share a common thread centering on alternative and innovative way of thinking.

This year, BOLDtalks Innovation takes place in the Dubai Knowledge Park - Conference Centre.

(Dubai Knowledge Park is previously known as Knowledge Village, which is next to Dubai Internet City).

This is free to attend event but limited to the first 300 to register!

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  • BOLDtalks Innovation 2019

    Governments’ Role in Enabling Innovation

    Philipp Lemmerz

    This talk discusses the role of governments in innovation from the perspectives of regulatory function and its potential impact, being an adopter of technology, and its interventions to spur innovation in private sector.

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  • BOLDtalks Innovation 2019

    The Rise of Smart Cities; Opportunities and Challenges

    Omar Al Hashimi

    This talk presents on Abu Dhabi Municipality’s bold smart cities vision that is transforming the city, and the imminent technology trends and the impact that smart cities will have on humans. Moreover, beyond the rewards, the talk will also examine the long-term risks in an increasing adaptation ...

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  • BOLDtalks Innovation 2019

    Flying Future Technologies Today

    Dr. Sandra Bour Schaeffe

    Hybrid-electric aircraft, formation flying or new aircraft design: how Airbus demonstrators are accelerating technologies that could slash aviation emissions.

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  • BOLDtalks Innovation 2019

    Real Life Examples of Open Innovation Paradigm

    Dr. Kawther Al-Belushi

    Dr Kawther explains Open Innovation as fifth generation of innovation concept, while reviewing such practices at sector as well as national level, while illustrating real life example of Oman’s marine biotech case-study.

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  • BOLDtalks Innovation 2019

    Autonomous Flight Might be Closer Than You Think

    Arne Stoschek

    Join Arne Stoschek, Project Executive at Acubed by Airbus, for an eye-opening BOLDtalks exploring what the future of autonomous flight holds. Stoschek will talk through the opportunities and challenges associated with autonomous flight technologies, and how Airbus is leveraging its innovation center ...

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  • BOLDtalks Innovation 2019

    Drones as a Gateway for Data Driven Agriculture: Synergies With Other Emergent Technologies (AI, Iot, Big Data)

    Dr. Ali Elbattay

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems are growing quickly to become strong tool and assets in smart agriculture. From on demand remote sensing/information products to carrying operations (e.g. spraying or pollination) they have proven to be a versatile and cost effective tool for better agriculture management ...

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  • BOLDtalks Innovation 2019

    Innovation with Heart

    Peter Gould

    Designer Peter Gould shares his personal journey practicing Innovation with Heart by aligning his globally-successful design team with a deep sense of spiritual intention. He shares unique experiences and insights on the path toward developing meaningful brands and consumer products that inspire ...

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