BOLDtalks goes "down under"

Following the success of BOLDtalks events that we've run in Dubai for past four years, we're looking to carry our innovative concept to new cities around the world.

First stop - the beautiful Melbourne, Australia. We are very excited to open dialogue with the Melbourne community, and engage them with the selection of thought-provoking talks by some of the world’s most fascinating people.

Follow the event's page on this site, or it on and we'll keep you posted with the additional speakers as we go aong!  


Is your organisation based in Australia?

Do you have a message to share with your local community?

Can we align our BOLDtalks events platforms with your corporate culture?

BOLDtalks is a unique as well as an exclusive environment for sponsoring company to take a lead role in bringing such event to its community. Contact us to find out how our past sponsors, including Airbus, Ericsson, GE, BMW, Emirates Airlines and  Thomson Reuters, have done so, and how you can also be involved in BOLDtalks Australia 2014. For more info, please enquire at the Contact Us page.