BOLDtalks has its new home

Following the past three years of hosting our events at the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre - time has come for us to find a new home.

While we enjoyed every minute of DUCTAC's facility and staff's professional support, our time has come to explore other venues in Dubai where we'd host our BOLDtalks events.

We are pleased to announce that all our 2013 events will be held at the Madinat Jumeirah Theatre, and we are looking forward to working with its team and replicate the success of Khalil Gibran's theatrical play we held in October 2012.

Going forward, over next couple of weeks, we will be reveling the exciting BOLDtalks 2013 programme that we've prepared for you, on March 2nd. You can already get a taste of what is coming up by visiting the event's page on this website.

We look forward to meeting you all again in March, and continue opening dialogues with you on number of fascinating topics.