About BOLDtalks

The Tao of BOLDtalks

We are here to start a movement to get people engaged and talking. We are the creators of intellectual entertainment. At BOLDtalks, we facilitate shared exploration towards greater understanding, connection, or possibility. We want to carry us all into new, deeper levels of understanding none of us could have foreseen. We want to open people’s minds and hearts to new ideas and new ways of thinking. Are you one of us? Well, we are looking for those people who seek thought-provoking experiences; open-minded attitudes that embrace change, and seek more than the status quo. It’s all about finding those people who crave knowledge, in the pursuit of positive change.

BOLDtalks events

BOLDtalks are series of events that host a selection of acclaimed international speakers that present on a range of diversified discussions.

There isn’t a single theme that the event focuses on, but ensures through diversity to touch on numerous fields that are likely to relate to you, your community and the world you live in (strictly non-political and non-religious).

All BOLDtalks discussions are for you – the community. They are about putting the presented topics into a personal and intimate context, for you to learn what they might mean to you.

The best way to understand the BOLDtalks experience is to attend. You might also like to watch videos of past talks to get a sense of the caliber and range of speakers - though attendees have said that the videos don't fully describe the BOLDtalks experience.

What happens at BOLDtalks events?

All BOLDtalks events are for the community, engaged by the community.

As all discussions are moderated, you will have a chance to further probe the speaker with your questions throughout the Q&A session that follows each presentation.

The diversity of over 500 attendees also presents to you a unique opportunity to meet other members of your community who share similar interests and curiosity in topics presented and discussed.

Furthermore, all our events are used as platforms to raise awareness on some of today's most critical issues that concern you and the world you live in - Environment, Humanitarian crisis, Illnesses and various Social matters. Wherever we can, we want to engage some initiatives at our events with an attempt to make a difference. BOLDtalks 2010 was the first Carbon Neutral event in the Middle East, and from year to year we have run our events responsibly and further lowered Carbon emissions.

BOLDtalks is a Barn-Raising

The Wikipedia entry notes that in Barn-Raising "participation is mandatory for community members". Similarly, BOLDtalks invites community to participate actively throughout the entire day experience - arriving for the beginning and staying to the end.

What's more, everyone invests something to be at BOLDtalks - time, money, or effort. This helps make the event more cohesive for everyone who is there. Therefore, the easiest way to attend is to buy a ticket. This helps defray the considerable costs of putting on the event.

Students and others who can't foot the cost of a ticket are welcome to apply to our volunteer team - contact us.


BOLDtalks is a unique as well as an exclusive environment for sponsoring company to take a lead role in bringing such event to its community. Contact us to find out how our past sponsors, including Ericsson, GE, BMW, Emirates Airlines and Thomson Reuters, have done so, and how you can also be involved in the upcoming event. For more info, see Sponsorship Opportunities.