BOLDtalks Awards

Every year, we award the Open Mind Award as a recognition to an individual's or an organisation's contribution to the community or the planet.

Similarly, we also award the Open Heart Award to those that have given generously and made a difference to someone's life.

If you qualify to either of the two awards, or wish to nominate someone, please register below, and we will call the winner at the upcoming BOLDtalks event.

The following are our past years winners of the two categories:

BOLDtalks 2010 Open Mind Award Winner:
UAE Ministry of Labour
For their introduction of Wage Protection System

BOLDtalks 2010 Open Heart Award Winner:
Little Wings Foundation
For their charitable achievements in Palestine

BOLDtalks 2011 Open Mind Award Winner:
The Little Fair Trade Shop
For Supporting fair producers and artisans from developing countries around the world

BOLDtalks 2011 Open Heart Award Winner:
Steve Sossebee
The Founder of Palestine Children Relief Found (PCRF)

BOLDtalks 2012 Open Mind award Winner:
Make A Wish Foundation
For their efforts in granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions

BOLDtalks 2012 Open Heart Award Winner:
Edward Pollock
The Founder of The Aqua Initiative