• Event Moderator

    Event Moderator

    Natasha Mitchell

    Natasha Mitchell hosts the national, daily morning show, Life Matters, on ABC Radio National. She was the founding presenter & producer of the popular science, psychology & culture radio program, All in the Mind, from 2002-12.

  • Event Moderator

    Event Moderator

    Rouba Zeidan

    Rouba has spent more than two decades in communications focusing on diverse industries including art and culture, and special events.

  • Exploring the Human & Environmental Impact of Agrochemicals

    Exploring the Human & Environmental Impact of Agrochemicals

    Simon & Geethanjali Kurian

    In 1980 in Kasargode, a border-town in the Southern Indian state of Kerala, the Plantation Corporation of Kerala commenced the aerial spraying of thousands of hectares of government owned cashew plantations with the pesticide Endosulfan.

  • Fearless Living

    Fearless Living

    Denis Murphy

    Denis shares stories from around the world which demonstrate not only that we create our own world but also that when you take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life, and learn from it, amazing and transformational change can happen.

  • Fighting So-Called Honour Killings

    Fighting So-Called Honour Killings

    Rana Husseini

    Rana Husseini is an award-winning journalist and human rights activist who has dedicated her life tackling social issues, with a special emphasis on violence against women. From her home base in Jordan, Rana has been instrumental in bringing the issue of honour crimes against women to public attention ...

  • Finding Tolerance

    Finding Tolerance

    Dr. Angela Maitner

    Humans are adept at noticing categorical differences between people, and tend to align themselves with others with whom they find common ground. Angela will discuss institutional support mechanisms and psychological processes and motives that allow people to develop acceptance and respect for different ...

  • Flying Future Technologies Today

    Flying Future Technologies Today

    Dr. Sandra Bour Schaeffe

    Hybrid-electric aircraft, formation flying or new aircraft design: how Airbus demonstrators are accelerating technologies that could slash aviation emissions.

  • Forbidden Archeology: Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity

    Forbidden Archeology: Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity

    Dr. Michael Cremo

    Dr. Michael Cremo, an independent historian of archeology, present an alternative to Darwin’s theory of evolution that is met with much controversy by the mainstream scientists.

  • Future Factory

    Future Factory

    Curtis Carson

    As digital technology and the interconnectivity of machines usher in a new era in aerospace manufacturing, Airbus is actively engaged in making its ‘factory of the future’ vision a reality.

  • Future Proof - The Importance of Gender Balance

    Future Proof - The Importance of Gender Balance

    Tiffany Newell - event Moderator

    Gender equality and women in leadership are hot topics globally at the moment and are usually put into the bracket of diversity and inclusion. There is however a powerful business case for creating gender balance in your organisations in terms of being able to proactively anticipate market trends, ...