• I'm not a "Victim", I'm a "Survivor" of Female Genital Mutilation

    I'm not a "Victim", I'm a "Survivor" of Female Genital Mutilation

    Hibo Wardere

    When referred to as a Female Genital Mutilation victim – Hibo rushes to correct the statement as a Female Genital Mutilation “survivor”.

  • I'm Still Standing

    I'm Still Standing

    Ghadeer Kunna

    Having always been a tough and gutsy Arab American female who defied many norms and social parameters, fighting and holding on to her beliefs and principles have always been the way Ghadeer has lived.

  • In Search of the Afghan Girl: One Picture, Thousands of Words

    In Search of the Afghan Girl: One Picture, Thousands of Words

    Steve McCurry

    Steve McCurry, the celebrated photographer of the “Afghan Girl”, tells the story of his 2002 quest with a National Geographic team in Afghanistan to locate the subject of one of the world’s most recognised photographs.



    Live Performance; SUNO - Celebrating Womanhood

    INDIVA, an all woman band from India, pays tribute to women and their resilience. Celebrating womanhood and hoping that the message through this song reaches the right ears and creates a response, INDIVA have released its first music video entitled “Suno” a tribute to the Delhi gang rape victim.

  • Innovation culture in the Middle East; Stagnant or Prosperous?

    Innovation culture in the Middle East; Stagnant or Prosperous?

    Rana El Chemaitelly

    Where did all the Arab innovators go? Rana investigates the status of the innovation culture in the Middle East, and further touches on the subject of immigration of regional talent to other parts of the world, before suggesting solutions to this growing phenomenon.

  • Innovation in Education

    Innovation in Education

    Giorgio Ungania

    The digital divide between professors and students is increasing dramatically and so is the challenge of preparing students for jobs that still don't exist. While Ivy League Universities are already offering free online courseware other international and Pan Arab institutions are resistant to this ...

  • Joy Tessman

    Joy Tessman

    Stories from the Edge; an intimate look at shooting the BP Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

    Joy, a celebrated photojournalist, shares her first hand experience while covering the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Kamal Musallam

    Kamal Musallam

    Arabic Fusion - the new musical direction

    Kamal talks about his 11 years experience of merging sounds and rhythms from his own Middle-Eastern musical culture with other genres emerging from both the western and the Eastern worlds. Kamal's experience led him to release three albums under his own independent label K&G, "On A Jordan River's ...

  • Knowing and Growing Your Career Capital

    Knowing and Growing Your Career Capital

    Jehan Abdulkarim

    Many working women in the Gulf region today are faced with numerous challenges in their corporate environment. In her talk, Jehan will define the concept of “Career Capital” to inspire women to think about how they can evolve by building skills, gaining new experiences and expanding networks. Jehan ...

  • Li-Fi, the new Wi-Fi

    Li-Fi, the new Wi-Fi

    Harald Haas

    The new breakthrough technology in transmitting data through light, opposed to radio frequency. This talk is by the man behind this invention that will soon replace Wi Fi as we know it.