Why sponsor BOLDtalks events:

  • Because there is a synergy between BOLDtalks creative events and your corporate culture.
  • Because this is an ideal platform to bridge your organization to your local community.
  • Because this is an opportunity to showcase your Corporate Social Responsibility projects to your key stakeholders
  • Because you believe and support our mission in engaging the community with intellectual and educational discussions.

All our sponsorship activities are tailor-made. Please contact us to find out how our past sponsors (Ericsson, GE, BMW, Emirates Airlines, Thomson Reuters) have done so, and how you can also take a lead role in the upcoming events.

The following are some proposed activities that your organisation can undertake within the event, additionally to the exposure that you’ll receive though our rigorous pre-event marketing and PR campaign:

  • Enjoy an exclusive dinner with selected speakers

    This is a great opportunity for your organisation to, not only invite its clients to the event that you’re sponsoring, but also entertain them over a dinner or drinks together with your senior staff.

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  • Exclusively sponsor of the BOLDtalks Open Mind or Open Heart Awards

    Award to be handed to a voted organization that has done charitable or noble deeds and contributed to the community. Your representative will introduce, announce and hand the award (with your company’s logo engraved on it) on the stage. Press will be engaged in covering this award and our ...

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  • Exclusively Luncheon sponsorship

    Have a 10 minute introduction / presentation / welcome note prior to the lunch break (good opportunity for your speaker to introduce your organisation’s CSR programme that complements our Carbon Neutral event). Following this note, your representative will invite all the speakers and attendees ...

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  • Sponsor a speaker

    Your representative can introduce the speaker to the stage, having had introduced his/her brief biography and achievements. This also will be emphasized within our PR campaign prior and post the event.

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  • Support our Carbon neutral event

    Following the successful Carbon emission reduction for the past three consecutive years, BOLDtalks has gained an enormous media attention. This is a superb oportunity to partner with one of our upcoming events and support our initiative as the event's Green Partner.

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