Autonomous Flight Might be Closer Than You Think


Arne Stoschek

Join Arne Stoschek, Project Executive at Acubed by Airbus, for an eye-opening BOLDtalks exploring what the future of autonomous flight holds. Stoschek will talk through the opportunities and challenges associated with autonomous flight technologies, and how Airbus is leveraging its innovation center in Silicon Valley to build aircraft that can “see”.

Arne is the Project Executive heading up Wayfinder, a project focused on the development of autonomous flight and machine learning solutions to enable self-piloted operations of a range of aircraft, from urban air mobility vehicles to large commercial airplanes. Passionate about robotics and autonomous electric vehicles, he has held engineering leadership positions at global companies such as Volkswagen/Audi and Infineon, and at aspiring Silicon Valley startups, namely Lucid Motors/Atieva, Knightscope and Better Place. Arne earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and held a computer vision and data analysis research position at Stanford University.