Embracing the Unknown

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Gayathri performs three songs from her debut album 'The Unknown' and speak about the inspiration, the creative process of songwriting, using live voice looping, DIY percussion and some ol' fashioned guitar-weilding.

With songs that range from evocatively low rumbling and moody ambiences to brutal and intense anthemic melodies, independent singer/songwriter Gayathri's voice is her identity.

A champion of the independent movement with a growing and active fan base, her debut album 'The Unknown' is the result of a highly  successful crowdfunding campaign raising over $23,000 in ten days. One of the highest rated unsigned artists to date by RollingStone ME, Gayathri spent the last year touring, achieving milestones along the way such as becoming a TEDx performer and speaker as well as collaborating with Grammy-winning artist Joss Stone.