Innovation with Heart

2BT19 Peter

Peter Gould

Designer Peter Gould shares his personal journey practicing Innovation with Heart by aligning his globally-successful design team with a deep sense of spiritual intention. He shares unique experiences and insights on the path toward developing meaningful brands and consumer products that inspire & connect like-hearted people across the globe.

This involves advocating for a deeper understanding of successful innovation that fosters both inner transformation and sustainable worldly impact.The presentation will showcase Peter’s moving story inspired by his two young daughters. Seeking to foster an experience with lovable, inspiring Muslim characters, Peter sets out to create a range of inclusive, representative toys. He shares the journey from initial ideas to a funded startup with finished products on shelves around the world, receiving global press and support from the unlikeliest of places.

Peter Gould is the founder of Zileej Studio, an inspired design team based in Sydney, Australia.

Zileej creates cross-cultural brands, products and experiences that enable a more inclusive & representative future. Clients include Dubai Government, United Nations & Etihad Airways. 

Peter has won global awards including the Islamic Economy Award presented by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.  He has lectured Innovation & Design Thinking at UTS in Sydney and is a recipient of the Stanford Certificate of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.  

At the intersection of design, spirituality & entrepreneurship, Peter aims to inspire positive, imaginative thinking for a bright, shared future.