Penny Low

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Future Readiness; what's in it for me?

Member of Parliament Singapore, and founder of Social Innovation Park, Penny Low explains the power of inner engineering and social innovation in co-building a more inclusive, sustainable and better world.

What are the future drivers? Is it technology, knowledge, connectivity or people? How do we even begin to think about the future? What do we need to do today to be a winner? To paraphrase the business guru, Peter Drucker, the future is uncertain, and the best way to make certain the future, is to create it. To this end, what would your ideal future world be, if you were given a canvass to architect your future?

In 2001, Penny became the youngest elected female Member of Parliament. She chaired the Government Parliamentary Committees (GPC) for Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, and currently serves on the GPCs for 3 ministries - Finance, Trade & Industry and Education. Amongst others, she chairs the S’pore-Peru Parliament Friendship Group, vice-chairs the North East Community Devt Council, the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council, is a Labour Union Advisor, promotes enterprises and social enterprise and community development.

Penny has been honored as a founding member of the New Asian Leader, 2004 a founding Young Global Leader (World Economic Forum) 2005, a Yale World Fellow and Scholar 2007 and a Aspen Ideas Festival Scholar in 2010. She completed the Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century Leaders at Harvard Kennedy School in 2009.

Ms Low has pioneered many enterprises in the financial services, education and social innovation field both locally and globally. In 2008, she created the Global Social Innovators Forum which gathers top leaderships from across regions and sectors. In 2006, she founded the Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP); a global movement advocating a more inclusive, sustainable and better world through collaborative innovation, which influence is felt globally. She has been repeatedly invited to speak at global forums like the world Economic Forum in Davos, the Global Redesign Councils, ISO meetings, the World Knowledge Forum, ASEAN100 and Asia Leaders Forum, Yale School of Management and Harvard Business School and KSG. She has also been interviewed by global and local media from Korea to Africa, Singapore to Europe.