A Journey Inside the Mind of Extreme Big Wave Riders

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Ross Clarke Jones & Tom Carroll

Australian big wave legends Ross Clarke-Jones and two-time word champion Tom Carroll have been chasing some of the world’s biggest and most dangerous waves for over 30 years.

Together they give a riveting story of life chasing storms, a host of near death experiences and how they overcome fear time and time again to conquer some of the most brutal waves Mother Earth has to offer.

Two-time surfing champion (1984 and 1985) Tom Carroll was the poster-boy of surfing in the 1980s. He risked his third championship by boycotting the South Africa leg of the world tour in protest against Apartheid – elevating him from star athlete to Australian hero. But it was his mastery of the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii, winning the Pipeline Masters three times, that secured his name in the record books as one of the greatest surfers of all time.

Ross Clarke-Jones came into his own on big waves and was one of the first to use the jetski to pioneer the sport of tow-surfing. His ambition and ability to surf monster waves saw him become the first non-Hawaiian to win the prestigious Eddie Aikau Memorial at Waimea Bay in 2001.