The Evolution of the Violin’s Sound


Mohammad Kblawi

For centuries, string instrument makers have labored in pursuit of a perfect sound.

In their quest for some kind of ideal instrument, one fit to rival an orchestra, violinmakers have tried light and heavy wood, wider and narrower faces, longer and shorter necks, tailpieces and bridges and strings of many sizes and materials, and infinite varnish recipes. The smallest alterations in the design of the instrument make a sound more tinny or darker, quieter or sweeter.

Violinst Mohammad Kblawi joins our platform to talk us through and illustrate the evolution of the violin sounds over the centuries, as we travel from the Baroque period in Europe to its adaptation in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mohammad Kablawi is a Dubai professional violinist who has mastered this instrument since age of six. Although he has held numerous jobs since graduating in Economics, he has recently decided to dedicate his personal and professional life in pursuing his passion in music. Daytime an expert in Suzuki teaching methodology, while the rest of his time Mohammad plays for the Dubai Philharmonic orchestra.