Drums, Art & Brad Pitt

It’s not everyday that you hear about an Arab father encouraging his little girl to take up drums as a hobby.

Today, probably the only Arab girl drummer in a rock band, Natasha joins our platform to perform live on stage, and also share her work as a visual artists – including the story of the girl version of the Palestinian symbolic cartoon Handala – and her work as a scenic artist on Hollywood blockbuster movies.

As an artist and musician, Natasha uses the arts as a language to communicate the things that she care about. Graduated from Central Saint Martin’s, University of the Arts – London in 2008 and she decided to continue her art career alongside to teaching art, music, curating and collaborating with arts and musicians to integrate the arts; Natasha wanted to open the eyes of those that do not know much about art and music through learning, education, performing and public art. Her aim is to show the audience how to find beauty, music and art through our everyday life.

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