Minimal Invasive Surgical Intervention in Gynaecological Cancer

Minimal Invasive Surgery in the treatment of Gynecological cancer is perhaps best described that there is no more important issue in the care of surgical patients than the appropriate use of minimally invasive surgery for patients with cancer.

Important advances in surgical technique have a positive impact on early postoperative morbidity, length of hospital stay, pain management, and quality of life issues, as clearly proved with minimal invasive surgery. However, for oncology patients, historically, the most important clinical questions have been answered in this context simply by providing much more faster recovery in a very extensive and debilitating surgery as in cancers  and giving the possibility of very early chemo - radio therapy, to give optimal survival time.

Rajesh Devassy is one of UAE’s best known Gynaecologists for his exclusivity & expertise in advanced  Laparoscopic Pelvic Reconstructive and Oncological Surgery. He has performed more than 37,000 advanced gynecological laparoscopic procedures with over a 15yrs experience in practice and teaching in the UAE,  Germany and In India. Dr Devassy is the Consultant MIS Surgeon Dubai London Clinic & Speciality Hospital, Jumeirah. Course Director University Hospital School of Medical Sciences , Oldenburg, Germany.  A Pioneer in designing the Laparoscopic Surgery viable and safe for complex gynaecological diseases, unproven so-far and also in many kinds of exclusive surgeries in the world, Advanced Live Surgery Workshops in the UAE with original research publications, Peer reviewer of international journals and accreditation to his meritorious career.

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