I'm Still Standing

Ghadeer Kunna
BOLDtalks Woman 2015

Having always been a tough and gutsy Arab American female who defied many norms and social parameters, fighting and holding on to her beliefs and principles have always been the way Ghadeer has lived.

So, it was no brainer when Ghadeer got cancer that she had to simply keep doing the same thing. Who said cancer patients have to wither away and waste their life in fear of death? Ghadeer tells us that she attended this amazing school called ‘Cancer’ and, through her bravery, she graduated successfully. One thing that specifically stood out in this school for Ghadeer is that her pre- and post-cancer life aren’t separate at all, but rather a continuum. Ghadeer joins our BOLDtalks platform to share her incredible story and her goal to combine all what she was and had learned before, with what she knows now and to be a better global citizen and civil servant by helping others.

Ghadeer is a highly seasoned dynamic professional with over 20 years of experience in government, UN and Investment Banking. She holds a Masters degree from University of Southern New Hampshire, NH, USA, 1995 in Business, majoring in International Economic Development. Her Bachelors was also in Business, majoring in Organizational Development, 1990. Her career spans work in the US and the Middle East. She specializes in Policy and Strategy setting for non-profit and government entities. Her focus and approach has always been to apply sustainable and grass-root initiatives to ensure long-term solutions. Her aim is to serve the public and to lead, inspire and nurture others to give back and be positive contributors to the world.