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Times Of War Through The Eyes of Arab Female Journalist

Jenan Moussa
BOLDtalks Woman 2014

Jenan Moussa hails from Lebanon, a country where she experienced firsthand wars and armed conflicts. So it isn't a surprise that she chose to cover the Arab Uprisings bringing her to Egypt, Libya & Syria. In Syria, Moussa was on the frontlines of Aleppo and she survived bombing raids by Syrian army as buildings around her collapsed. In Libya, she went with the rebels from town to town during a long desert war which ended when she stood 5 centimeters away from a dead Ghaddafi. Not only will she tell us her eye witness account of the Arab Uprising, she will also explain the challenges of being a female war reporter in a conservative and male dominated part of the world.

Ever since Jenan Moussa (Lebanese national born in 1984) became Al Aan's roving reporter, she has been on the frontlines of change in the Arab World. She extensively covered uprisings in Egypt, Syria and Libya. Her work brought her also from Somali refugee camps in Kenya to the compound of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. She also reported from Timbuktu, Mali on the French intervention against AlQaeda . And from Myanmar on the tragic situation of Muslim Rohingyas. As a prelude to her job as a crisis reporter Jenan already covered the 2006 summer war in Lebanon.

Her passion for journalism has resulted in many scoops. She discovered a gruesome video of a Pakistani woman being stoned to death by the

Taliban. And in Libya she was the first and only reporter who managed to obtain the burial pictures of former dictator Muamar Ghadaffi. Many of her scoops were picked up by international media like ABC, Reuters or the BBC.

Jenan holds a diploma in Radio and Television journalism from the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut. It was in this city where she also studied English Literature at the Lebanese university. In 2008 Jenan won Lebanon's Gebran Tueni press award.

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