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Dialogue is shared exploration towards greater understanding, connection or possibility.
When such communication happens without structure or discipline, we call it “open dialogue.” It is hard to get dialogue rolling in a world that has little understanding or experience of it. Few people are competent, aware and wise enough to evoke real dialogue. Those who are, they’re awesome to witness, but hard to emulate.​

At its core, this is the purpose of BOLDtalks, to bring people together. In such groups and events of practiced dialoguers, a novice will often find themselves eagerly and effortlessly participating in the open, authentic, shared exploration unfolding around them.


Are you one of us? Well we are looking for those people who seek authentic thought-provoking experiences. Open-minded attitudes, who embrace change, and seek more than the status quo. It’s all about finding those people who crave knowledge, in the pursuit of positive change.

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