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When is all “worthwhile”?

Updated: May 4, 2021

Over the years, I’ve had a privilege of meeting and hosting over 180 fascinating guest-speakers at our BOLDtalks programmes.

Putting together a successful show of that scale, indeed, needs tenacity and perseverance, particularly at times of production when things don’t go your way: from speakers availability, last-minute drop-outs, the never-ending pitching and securing newcomers buy-ins, amongst many things.

But when things get together and all the hard working hours materialise into a full house and full-fledged theatrical show; you’ll know that it was all worth a while.

There are two particular instances where I briefly disconnect form my surroundings to appreciate the circumstances those particular moments. One of them is the dinner with gust-speakers the evening before the event, where I looking around the table and value the unique social opportunity with a group of diverse, but each fascinating personalities that gathered from all corners of the globe, at my request.

The other-time is during the event itself, as I observe the audience I often think how such a large group could’ve been anywhere else on that day, but have chosen to be here instead and dedicate their day and full attention to my programme. I might have not spoken to most of the individuals in the crowd, but I certainly feel a connection with each through their direct engagements with the presented talks.

I then tell myself – if I can contribute anything positively or productively to everyone in the room in return for their time given to me, then I’ll know that it was all worth a while.


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