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New Dimension of Mind

Rudiger Gam
BOLDtalks 2012

Average people use up to 20 per cent of their brain capacity. Rudiger, who regularly failed his math at school, has learnt at age of 21 how to activate the other 80 per cent of his brain, making him a modern day genius.

Also known as the Human Calculator) Rudiger Gamm was known in his school as being the worst one in math. As a matter of fact, Rudiger has failed his school six times because of his math. However, at age of 21, Rudiger discovered his mental abilities in memorizing and calculating the most complex mathematical problems. Soon, he became very demanded amongst scientist to study the anomalies of his brain. It didn't take too long before he went to the biggest show in Europe (WETTEN DASS), where he won the highest voting ever in the history of the show. In 2006 Rudiger was part of the international documentation "Voyage Into The Brain". In 2007 he was documented in a Discovery Channel programme "Real Super Humans". Rudiger published a book "Train Your Brain" in 2008, and now for over 10 years works as a mental trainer for managers, sportsmen and schools.

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