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The Innovation Vacuum of the Arab World

Dr. Majid Sultan Al Qasimi
BOLDtalks Innovation 2017

From a history of glorious pioneering in all sciences, to a current vacuum that feels much like a dust bowl, the arab world has fallen away from its great contribution to the human society. But in 400 million arabs, can we not find our Einsteins and our Newtons, or are they simply not heard?

Sheikh Dr. Majid Sultan Al Qasimi is a veterinarian involved in raising awareness and educating on the issues of endangered animals & the environment. An advocate of sciences and education for the next generation of Emiratis, he feels it is important to build strong communications amongst the communities for a lasting sustainable future. Dr. Majid is also the founder and editor of The MENA Scientist, a web-based journalistic platform that encourages scientific thinking and entrepreneurship in the UAE.

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